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July 2020



Max. 7 Guests

Between 2 Land Cruisers so everyone can comfortably see sat down or stood up!



The Great Migration

Boat Safari

White & Black Rhino

Plenty of Birdlife

Photography Tuition


Lake Nakuru

Lake Naivasha

Maasai Mara


Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru & The Maasai Mara

The Great Rift Valley's highest freshwater Lake Naivasha rests at an elevation of 1890 meters & creates an abundant ecosystem known around the world for its diverse fauna, birds and grazers. A hot spot for seeing hippos cooling down in the lake, it also provides the best photographic opportunities of the African Fish Eagle & over 450 species of birds.

Lake Nakuru lies on the floor of the Great Rift Valley & is a photographers dream location. Surrounded by bushy grassland & an abundance of algae, this soda lake attracts vast numbers of flamingos, sometimes numbering into the millions. Pelicans, cormorants & many other birds can be photographed here as well as many land mammals such as warthog, baboons, elephants & even white and black rhino.

Between July & September, The Maasai Mara becomes home to over 2 million animals & gives way to one of nature's most spectacular events of the year - The Great Migration (definitely on most wildlife enthusiasts and photographers bucket list!) Said to be one of the best wildlife photography destinations in the world, The Maasai Mara is teeming with life & photographic opportunities. Our experienced Maasai trackers really will show you the very best of the Maasai Mara!


DAY 1 & 2

Day 1 - When you arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport we will greet you with a warm welcome before transferring you to our accommodation where we will enjoy a good night's rest before our safari really begins.


Day 2 - 06:30 -After an early breakfast, we'll take a scenic drive up to the breathtaking Lake Nakuru. Over lunch we will have our first photography workshop to establish the level everyone is at and how best to help each individual throughout our safari together. Wildlife is plentiful at Lake Nakuru and it is famous for its rhinos and myriads of flamingos that make the Lake look like a sea of pink.

12:30 - Check into our stunning lodges then enjoy lunch and a photography workshop.

15:30 - Head out for an afternoon game drive to photograph some of Lake Nakuru's treasures such as the endemic Rothschild's giraffe, buffalo, antelope and hopefully even some rhino!

In the evening we'll do an image review for those who would like to take part before heading to bed.


7:00 - To make the most of the gorgeous "first light" we'll head out for a morning game drive. We'll then drive south to Lake Naivasha and check into our beautiful accommodation where we'll enjoy lunch and a rest.

15:30 - The Sopa Resort is famous for its free-roaming wildlife such as giraffe, waterbuck and zebra. A few hours before dinner we'll enjoy a leisurely walk around the grounds photographing these beautiful animals up close and take a walk to Lake Naivasha to look for hippos (from a safe distance). This really is a very special place to stay!

18:00 – Lightroom workshop before dinner.


7:30 - After breakfast, we'll depart for an exciting boat safari on freshwater Lake Naivasha, a primary drinking spot for buffalos, zebras, elands, impalas and waterbucks. Also a favourite cool-down area for hippos during the day. Our boatmen are skilled and very experienced at reading hippo behaviour so they will get us close enough to take amazing photos of huge hippos without endangering us or the animals. We will also have the opportunity to photograph the famous African fish eagle swooping down into the lake catching its breakfast.

9:30 – We'll embark on our 4-hour scenic drive to the world-famous Maasai Mara, arriving at our wonderful camp in time for lunch. After a well-deserved rest, we will head into the Maasai Mara for a late afternoon and sunset game drive. As the light changes and things start to calm down in the Maasai Mara we will have a beautiful chance to recreate some iconic sunset photographs.



7:00 - After breakfast, we will set off for a full day game drive in the Maasai Mara. Heading for one of three rivers to see if we can photograph a wildebeest crossing, we will stop to photograph any big cats we see on the way, perhaps a lion here and cheetah there!

We will stay close to the river in case the wildebeest do arrive but we will also look for elephants, giraffe, leopard, zebra and much, much more. We will enjoy a picnic lunch and then continue with our epic game drive, photographing and enjoying nature all day long.

In the evening there will be time for an Image Review and Q&A.


10:00 - We think you may benefit from a bit of a rest, after all, this is meant to be a holiday too. So after a slow start, we will have a late morning portrait photography workshop to get us ready for the very special opportunity of photographing some Maasai Warriors, their wives and children in their home village! After a very unique and photographically rich cultural experience at the Maasai village, we'll come back to camp for lunch and a rest.

14:30 - Image review and editing workshop for those who would like to take part.

15:30 - We'll head back into the Maasai Mara for an afternoon and sunset game drive. As the sun goes down we'll have another opportunity to capture some sunset photographs.


7:00 - After breakfast, we will set off for a full day game drive in the Maasai Mara. Heading for one of three rivers to see if we can photograph a wildebeest crossing, just like day 5.


We will enjoy a picnic lunch and then continue with our epic game drive returning to camp about 5:00pm.

18:00 - Sundowner in the Maasai Mara, Nashulai Conservancy. You don't want to miss this, it is always a highlight for guests!


8:00 - We'll set out a little later today, again heading for one of the rivers. just like on day 5 & 7. 

We'll enjoy a picnic lunch & then continue finding big cats and other wildlife. We'll take our time heading back to towards camp as the sun starts to set. We will try our best to find some wildlife to set in front of the setting sun, but if not there are plenty of iconic trees to try your silhouette skills on.

There will be an opportunity for an Image Review after dinner, but because you will have been out all day we understand if you'd prefer to get an early night!


08:30 - Before heading home we would love to take you on a morning bush walk up Mount Oldarpoi just behind our wonderful camp. The views are spectacular over Nashulai, The Maasai Mara and sometimes you can even see the Serengeti in the distance! This will give you a chance for some very beautiful landscape/panorama photographs and a last chance to breathe in and really see the majesty of the Maasai Mara.

12:00 - After lunch, we'll collect all our belongings and head to the airstrip for our flight back to Nairobi. You will be transferred to Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport by car, where our safari will end.

If your international flight is scheduled to leave before 9pm on Day 9, we can arrange to take you to the airstrip earlier in the morning or you could add on an extra night stay in Nairobi so you can join us on the bushwalk.


9 Day - guided Photo Safari






13th -21st july 2020

Only 7 seats available!

Zoe Miene - joined us for  "Big Cats & The Lakes" Photo Safari 2019

My photo safari with Rachel was truly exceptional. The idea of photography safari was a new one to me. After spending my time with Rachel at Yorkshire Wildlife Park and seeing what fantastic guidance she gave on the camera, the photography terminology, compositions and pointing out things we were missing, I knew she would be unrivalled company on a wildlife photography safari.

Rachel exceeded my expectations time and time again. Even before we started our journey to Kenya, she provided helpful practical guidance and she proactively offered help with camera equipment rental. The photography workshops were another such example of exceeding expectations with the training materials provided and how informative the sessions were.

Rachel also really made me look at my photography style and look far deeper into what I wanted to convey with my photos. There was a vast improvement in my photos taken on the first day compared to last day and I was soon confidently and quickly toggling between the settings.

The trip itself was phenomenal, I love Rachel’s slogan, "REALLY see nature" and we did! It was wonderful to spend the trip with photographers who were happy to spend time sat in the land cruiser watching (and photographing) the animals or spending the afternoon following the five cheetah brothers across the Mara.

I have the most special memories and photos. Words fail me. I wholeheartedly recommend Safari Sinclair and I look forward to joining Rachel again on another safari adventure.


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