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unit 2

For Beginners - Improvers

Designed to help you improve your

Muscle Memory, Shooting Techniques

and Understand More Camera Features

(If you are not sure how to change Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO or Focus Are Points, please go back to Unit 1)


It's really important to make the process of taking photographs quicker. Watch this video and learn how to programme buttons into your brain...

using apertures

The first thing you will learn is how to change your aperture. Follow along with your own camera to see what apertures do...

instruction card

For Using Apertures - Unit 1 - Video 2



Understanding how apertures work is vital if you want to improve your photography. Watch this video and I'll explain what apertures are and how they work...


For Apertures Explained - Unit 1 - Video 3

moving your

A-F Point

Did you know that you can dramatically change the look and feel of your photograph just by moving the Auto - Focus Area Point? Follow along with your camera to see how this works...

instruction card

For Moving Your Auto-Focus Area Point - Unit 1 - Video 4

instruction card

For Building Muscle Memory - Unit 2 - Video 9


For Moving Your Auto-Focus Area Point - Unit 1 - Video 4

using shutter speeds

Let's have a go using Shutter Speeds before I explain how they work.

Please follow along with your own camera...

instruction card

For Using Shutter Speeds - Unit 1 - Video 5

shutter speeds


Shutter Speeds can dramatically affect our image. Watch this video as I explain how they work...


For Shutter Speed Explained - Unit 1 - Video 6

using iso

ISO is one of those very important things that a lot of people don't really understand. To start with let's have a go at changing it and seeing what it does. Please follow along using your own camera...

instruction card

For Using ISO - Unit 1 - Video 7



Now you have seen first hand what ISO can do to affect your image please watch this video as I explain how it works...

Don't worry if you have to watch it a few times before it makes sense. And don't forget, it will make more sense, the more you practice!


For ISO Explained - Unit 1 - Video 8

It is not necessary to learn the ISO numbers at this stage but here is a list of common ISOs. Notice how this chart illustrates that the higher the ISO number, the faster the shutter speed that could be used. This will become more apparent in future units so don't worry if that doesn't quite sink in just yet!

well done!

You've Completed Unit 1