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slow down and really see!

Life is so incredibly busy and we can miss so much!


Whether it be for just a day or a couple of weeks, come with us on a photographic adventure and we'll really slow things down!

You will have plenty of time to really enjoy sitting, watching and of course, photographing magnificent nature as it performs right in front of your eyes.


It's not about rushing around the National Parks just so you can tick the animals off your list. It's about really seeing what is before you and the sheer joy that comes from watching the animals and learning about their behaviour and how to photograph them ethically and beautifully.

Slow Down... Wait, Watch, Listen and REALLY See!

who are we...

We are a collaborative of wildlife and safari specialists dedicated to providing you with an incredible and life-changing safari experience! 

A team of born and raised Kenyan's, Tanzanian's and South African's who know Africa and the wildlife intimately, all working along with Rachel Sinclair a Westerner who understands how daunting it can be to travel in Africa.


Together we organise and lead safe, unforgettable and life-changing photographic safaris suitable for solo travellers, couples and small groups.


All our photographic safaris have been carefully designed to maximise game viewing time and photographic opportunities. The locations have been chosen around the time of year when activity is heightened in the wild due to migrations and calving patterns, giving you the best animal encounters possible.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned photography enthusiast, we'll make sure you have an amazing and unforgettable safari experience!

why safari with us

Over the past 10 years, Rachel has helped hundreds of people successfully hone their nature and wildlife photography skills and we’d love for you to be our next happy client!

Our safaris are fun, super relaxed and Rachel knows how to put the most nervous of people at ease! Everyone is helped individually so it really doesn’t matter what level of photography you enjoy currently and it doesn’t matter what camera kit you have. Everyone is truly, very welcome. 


We'll guide you through the nuances of animal behaviour, camera settings, skills and techniques so YOU can take stunning photographs, worthy of hanging on your living room wall!

We guarantee you will have countless, unforgettable encounters with the UK's or Africa’s most prized wildlife, and Rachel will be there to help you capture these precious moments, perfectly. Even if you are already a keen photographer, you will come home with more experience and stunning images that you will want to display in your home and share with friends and family.

Journey with us for a personal and intimate safari experience of a lifetime in the UK or Africa's most beautiful and undisturbed wildlife hotspots, confident that we have everything organised so you can just concentrate on getting those wildlife images you’ve always dreamed of!

let your adventure begin

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Zoe Miene

Verified Google & Trip Advisor Reviews

Phenomenal wildlife photography safari... truly exceptional.

Rachel exceeded my expectations time and time again...

I have the most special memories and photos. Words fail me. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Safari Sinclair and I look forward to joining Rachel again on another safari adventure.​ "

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