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Team Africa

Musuuri Reiyia (aka Nelson)

Founder of Oldarpoi Mara Camp and Nashulai Maasai Conservancy in Kenya. Both are social enterprises working to benefit the local Maasai Mara communities and promoting responsible Tourism.


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Dan Galati

Owner of Real Masai Safari Tours - Our chosen tour operator for our "Migration Special" photo safari.

Dan is not only an excellent photographer himself but he is passionate about bringing tourists from the western world to Kenya and Tanzania to support these beautiful countries. Dan and Nelson (above) are very good friends and work on many tours together around Kenya.


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Kevin Joel

MD of Eastwind Adventure Ltd - Our chosen tour operator in Tanzania for our "Deep Safari" photo safari.

Eastwind's professional drivers and trackers are Tanzanian and know the land better than anyone, guaranteeing us epic photos!


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Bongani Dube

MD of Bushman Safaris Ltd ZW - Our chosen tour operator in Zimbabwe for our "Magic of Hwange" photo safari.

Bushman Safaris are an eco tour agency specialising in Rhino Walks and safaris in Zimbabwe.


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Our professional guide for "The Magic of Hwange" safari.

Possessing a Professional Hunters and Guiding License and with 10 years of experience working for Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management, Blessing is a great asset to for our photo safaris!


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If you like animals then we'd wholeheartedly say YES!

Our photo safaris are not just for people who already enjoy photography!

Anyone is Welcome! You will LOVE it & learn LOADS!


Life is so incredibly busy, we can miss so much. Come with us and we will really slow things down! You will have plenty of time to really enjoy sitting, watching and of course, photographing magnificent nature as it performs right in front of your eyes. It's not about rushing around the National Parks just so we can tick off the animals on your list. It's about really seeing what is before you.

Slow down, wait, watch, listen and really see!



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